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When we understand our need for an active and sacrificial pouring out of obedience, we understand Biblical worship.

Worship happens when someone has a relationship with God substantiated by obedient living which results in an outpouring of expression. That outpouring is a 24/7/365 sacrifice of the forms of worship which lead back to the function of glorifying God. The word worship can be confused with momentary experiences like songs, sacraments, and symbols. In reality, worship is relationship, obedience, expression. 


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Outpour Worship is the public ministry of the Music & Arts Ministry at Grace Community Church of Willow Street. They exist to propagate the very idea of an outpouring of sacrifice in obedience to the one true God, and to write songs that help people to better know and follow Jesus. Outpour’s calling is to lead people to an understanding of how to weave worship into every corner of their lives.





212 Peach Bottom Rd.
Willow Street, PA 17584